History of the Trust

1910057_10153955820023223_2496087967304436094_nTwo mathematicians, Walter Hayman, a refugee from Nazi Germany, and Margaret Crann, a Yorkshire girl, met at Cambridge Quaker Meeting during WW2. They married and produced three daughters. They also both wrote maths books – he weighty tomes read by a few, and she a maths text book for less academic students.

In 1973, they established the Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust to receive their royalties. For about 25 years the trustees made small grants mainly to organisations linked to peace, or Quakers, or both, as well as some grants to individuals for study.

Fast forward to 2000 and the dot com bubble, which enabled their middle daughter’s seed capital firm to make a significant return on the only successful investment in the portfolio. Most of the proceeds came into the Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust, which is now able to make  slightly larger grants, following the concerns of Margaret and Walter’s daughters and grandchildren.

This photo shows Margaret Hayman in 1974 during the year she was President of the Mathematical Association.